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What’s the first thing you do when you want to go out and have fun or looking for a particular product or service?… you
google for events….products..services or restaurant in Bracknell or in whatever city or town you live. Both businesses and people rely on Google for almost anything but the truth is our local businesses will always struggle to compete with the big retailers even if they provide a better customer service and better products.
This is why i created Localtradenet.com to give everybody better searches with higher quality results for the local businesses. With advanced filters you can specialize your search which is really helpful if you’r looking for something in particular. and if you register and list your business you will find an amazing easy-to-use dashboard where to edit your listings , apply discount vouchers , advertising events , showing your products by uploading beautiful images and more. You have full control of your listing contraries to other business directories or for example Facebook private groups …where when on that one only day of the week you are permitted to post your business details to try gain more customers for the service you provide only to be deleted by the end of the day by the group admin, or worse if for some reason you get booted out from the group you will not able to access potential new customers anymore . Lets don’t forget that nobody outside that fb group will be able to see the details that you posted because they are not public groups and will never show on google searches results.
Localtradenet is using a beautiful design that’s much more appealing to customers than long clunky lists with just lines of text and phone numbers from the 80s.
Do you have a local business somewhere ? don’t think twice get on Localtradenet

Thank you

Salvatore B.